About Me

Elisa G. Schneider

Elisa [she/her] is living in NYC by way of Portland, OR. She is currently the head of Digital + New Media of TEG+, The entertainment company focused on transforming popular music into work with narrative and impact. She interned for the company (in a previous iteration) over 13 years ago and is excited to be back.

An avid consumer of films, television, video games, and theatre, she is currently telling EVERYONE SHE KNOWS to watch A League of Their Own (2022). It's series like ALOTO, with its incredible representation, that make her even more thrilled to be at TEG+.

She is also a proud advocate of Web3. Though she only dabbles in creating NFTs, she loves supporting her friends and being a part of incredible communities across web3.

She recently joined Mastodon, along with the thousands of others flocking away from Twitter. There she rambles about film, television, Liverpool FC, theatre, gaming, and more.